Jackson Dell Weaver - CEO

Long time broadcaster now excited to bring PODCASTING to small/medium businesses.  With experience in on-air, production, sales, management and television Jackson is creating an entirely new model for SMB's. Offices are in Kirkland, WA.

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Ken Moultrie - Exec Producer/Host

Ken is an extraordinary producer and owner of The New BP an audio programming firm.  He operates from a complete studio in a Seattle suburb. 

Podcasting sounds like it's easy and fun.  And that's half true.  It's fun and a fabulous marketing tool...but it's NOT easy.  GottaPodcast offers all the support services  you'll need to have a successful podcast without the work and hassle. 

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Patrick Evans - Producer/Host

Certainly the most visible TV personality in Palm Springs - Patrick brings a tremendous warmth and passion to hosting his podcast  "Eye on You"

His topics are lifestyle, cooking, health and even finance.  

Charlie Vogelheim - host

A vet host with Motor Trend magazines podcast  and most recently the acclaimed "The Flying Car" Charlie takes a look at anything transportation related from classic cars to autonomous vehicles 

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