PodNet Podcast Packages

Podcasting - As easy as a phone call 

OTO PodNet Setup - Host your own show! 
Create your own unique podcast - we'll assign a producer to work with you to develop the following:
  • Branding your podcast.
  • Your own custom artwork that appears on various hosting platforms (Apple, Spotify, TuneIn, etc.).
  • Podcasting platform integration - you'll be ready to go.
  • A producer will work with you to develop compelling content, formatting and show notes. 
  • One time charge - $595 for all set-up.
  • Thereafter, your can choose one of the subscription models below.
PodNet V4 Subscription
With V4 we'll do four (4) one-hour sessions per year. The sessions can be up to four (4) 15 minute podcasts so you can do three months of content in one session. For each session -
  • You choose one of our professional producers to work with.

  • Your producer will interview you on the phone from their studio.

  • This producer is a professional podcaster with extensive experience to make your program the best possible.

  • We post-produce the audio - clean up goofs and mistakes.

  • Add music and formatting beds (optional).

  • Compress and format the audio for distribution.

  • Distribute your podcast to multiple podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google, TuneIn, etc.)  

  • Send you a final copy of your podcast for your promotion.

  • Set up your podcast for RSS feeds.

  • Post your podcast on your own unique PodNet web page.

  • All packages require annual commitment.

  • Price - $495 per month, 4X sessions  per year - plus OTO PodNet set up (see above). 

  • Price - $695 per month- 12X sessions per year - plus OTO PodNet set up (see above). 

Self Hosted Podcast
WIth this package we'll handle all the tough back end stuff but you record your podcast and send us the audio file. As with all our packages, we will host up to one-hour of content in whatever your desired length is,   When we get the file we will:
  • Process the audio for best clarity.
  • Post your podcast on all of the platforms - Apple, Spotify, Google,  etc.
  • Set up your RSS feed.
  • Post your artwork and show notes.
  • Post your podcast to your own unique PodNet web page. 
  • Send you a copy for your own social media and website promotion. 
  • Price - $295 per month - annual commitment 
PodNet Guest - be a guest on one of our shows!

Coming soon...!  


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