InTown PodNet


What we provide - 

Our professional hosts will guide you thru your podcast with a process we call Moderation Control. In an interview style format your host will bring out your stories in a compelling fashion.  Then your producer will clean up and process the audio, post it on multiple platforms, add music beds (optional), handle the RSS feeds and all that other technical details to make sure your podcast is up and live. Easy.  

Can I do a show with my own host/producer?

Yes...we can help make that happen.  However, it will not reduce the cost.

Optimal podcast length?

Remember the environment that your audience is listening - in car, the gym or on a walk. So we consider 15-20 minutes optimal or if you desire more content break a longer podcast into shorter 15-20 minute segments. So we have a 1/2/4 program.  Each month you have 60 minutes that you can use as a ONE hour show...or TWO bi-weekly 30-minute programs or FOUR 15 minute podcasts (weekly).  All podcasts however are recorded once per month in one session regardless of how many podcasts you do a month.

Do I need a recording studio or professional microphone?

Because our goal is "easy" you won't need one of those fancy microphones or mixing consoles. If you are a guest on one of our shows, the interview format will be on the phone.  If you are doing a regular podcast with us we can record your podcast on either in a local studio or remotely by Skype with our producers from your home or business.

How do I format a podcast?

Great question. We have several templates built around everything from music beds to teases.  This is why having a host/producer is so important. 

Can I promote my own business?

Of course. Integrating live-reads for your own business or service is an incredibly valuable tool. Recent research indicates they are much more effective than traditional media commercials.  We work with you to make it seamless and not overly crassly commercial

How about including other local clients?

If you want to include commercials for other clients in your local market that is great. We recommend you do ad-lib ads rather than produced 'radio' ads.  They are more effective and easier to do . At this point we don’t do commercial insertion from third party vendors.

Where will my podcast be available?

We will post your podcast On all of the platforms - Apple, Pandora, Stitcher, Google and dozens of other platforms. Additionally we’ll create a unique web page with all of your podcasts and information which is essential for search. You will want to post it on your website too. Most of your audience will be local. 

What about search?

One of our services will be providing written transcripts of your podcast that we will post on a dedicated webpage in our domain. This will give search engines the text they need to find your podcast.

Most podcasts seem to have artwork and a logo. How do you handle that?

We have freelance artists who will design your artwork OR we have a standard template with room for your show title, a head shot or image and a text box for a slug line. 

How often should I do my podcast?

With our 1/2/4 package you can do the podcast that makes sense for your marketing.  Longer podcasts might be most effective with interviews.  On the other hand having shorter more frequent podcasts seem to be more effective for local businesses.  Maybe you'll just talk about one specific service...or a special customer where a 15 or 20 minute podcast makes the most sense. 

How do I develop an audience for my podcast?

Great question.  Remember that you are interested primarily in a LOCAL audience.  We have a punch list we can help you with.  First of all post all of them on your website.  We'll set up a page you can link to for just that purpose.  Then the sky's the limit.  In your newsletters to clients, email blasts, social media, even on your traditional advertising.  The focus is to create LOCAL audiences.

I hear there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts.  How can I compete with that many podcasts?

The really good news is that even though we'll post your podcast on all the national sites -Apple, Spotify, TuneIn, etc. - the real value of your podcast is LOCAL audiences.  So you don't care much about the national audience - your audience is local.  

How long a commitment must I make initially?

It takes awhile to get the rhythm of a podcast down. But we offer the option of doing just one podcast at a time.  There is no question that to build an audience and deliver fresh information, you'll want to do it more often. We will work that out with you to match your marketing goals.

Other questions?  Email us!